Nei Gong Fa - a Basque attitude

The Space Between

Yiquan is essentially formless, containing no fixed sets of fighting movements or techniques. Instead, focus is put on developing one's natural movement and fighting abilities through a system of training methods and concepts, working to improve the perception of one's body, its movement, and of force...


All truth and action occur in Shunjian, the split second of now. Everything before and after this moment is 'Wu', the Void, and thus, uncontrollable or unknowable...


Yiquan is also set apart from other eastern martial arts in that traditional concepts like qi, meridians, dantian etc., are omitted, the reason being that understanding one's true nature happens in the present, and that preconceptions block this process...


Typical movements and postures from other systems abound in yiquan... (from Wikipedia)

Foundation of Yi Quan :

The Path Of Yi Quan

Single Sort

Self Defence ? The self is also this likely being who gives us concret life as answer, as a mirror to free, from personal instruction in Yi Quan then to Tai Ki Ken.

Round Around

Surfing sideway = Xinyi Bagua / White Crane / Taiji

Current Basque Morality

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