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Setting Apart

In February 2009, I joined the Zen Soto apart organization named Association Un Zen Occidental (A Western Zen) leaded by Eric Rommeluère (Jiun)
Jiun received the official mastering in 2001 from Gudo Wafu Nishijima (90 years old in 2010) one of the last “dinosaurs” of Zen rebirth in twentieth century in Japan.
Eric Rommeluère Jiun has received this direct mastering out of Zen Soto church expressly to adapt the most valuable Zen culture and practice to Western World (as most in French speaking area).

Jiun Eric Rommeluère is one of the erudites of Zen classical culture in
Europe. I took refuge in this lineage and am attested so.

Aim A Job

In January 2007, I started a Zen Soto practice certification with Claude Philippe (Ryu Taï), one of the main and oldest disciples of Taisen Deshimaru in Europe (France).
Taisen Deshimaru is the "Bodhidharma of Europe" and Ryu Taï was his main instructor and is recognized since then by the Zen Soto church as a missionary (1978). He was 82 years old in 2010 and still a teacher by the means of his Web Course
. It has been my way, more than 2 years. I accomplished and it was really stressed.
Claude Philippe Ryu Taï has worked all his life long and mostly as a self-development teacher in one of the main Executive Managers' 
College in France

European Buddhisms

To be able to recognize myself as buddhist - Zen practice being not separated from buddhist lineage and its concret establishment in Far East Asia, I decided to follow the two-years e-formation of the Institut d'Études Bouddhiques located in Paris (French language). Between 2008 and 2010, I learned seriously about buddhism as cultural specific logics, and then data (historical schools), by teachers coming as much from the university as buddhism self.

Letting Go - Investing Presence

After 14 full years of constant daily practice on our own (2007-2021), transcending our conditions and environments, piercing a truth and life opportunity through them, for us and everyone / everything, we have ceased to carry the practice of Zen Buddhism.


We hope to still respect and inspire from Zen Buddhist culture, as it is a source of brillance and intelligence, but we do not opt anymore for the "dark clothing" of its engagement.

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