Nei Gong Fa - a Basque attitude

Being Selected (2005-2006)

I met Ming Shan master and his teachings in Paris in October 2004. Master Ming Shan chose me to be one of the autonomous local leaders of his school (Basque Country). I practiced in near forest and mountains 2 to 3 hours a day all that long and alone.

Back Home (2007-2008)

However, health reasons (possible sense and mind disconnections) and material dependence (a small social income on that ground) made me impossible to join back Master Ming Shan In Paris, to check the job done, first in 2005 then in 2006.

However to capitalize my part of work, I started (also seriously) the practice of Zen Soto (and to complement, of Kendo).

In July 2007, I created, with the help of two comrades, the Zen Do Ken association in
France, for the only purpose to be disposed to recognition officially, as internal martial artist.

Punching the Way (2009-2011)

Certificated in Zen Soto practice, Kendo modern and sport-like practice set apart, I then organized to meet Master Ming Shan regularly and have accomplished between the very beginning of 2009 and summer 2011 the certification of local healing initiator of Yi Quan in this lineage, as a benefit to the then health situation. Master Ming Shan accepted me. All that long, I practiced daily 2 to 4 hours of Yi Quan and so-called afghan wandering in near forest and mountains (whatever the weather) as Nei Gong Fa / Kind of Internal Work. In 2012, I entered the ANYDA martial arts' association in France, which recognized the work done with Master Ming Shan, and allowed me to present Yi Quan teachings in Basque Country.

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