Nei Gong Fa - a Basque attitude

Personal Identity

My name is Jean-Philippe Erbin (Yon in basque language). I was born in 1966. I know health heavy reasons since I'm 20. I made my university studies till the 1990's and then dedicated myself to free literature more than 10 years.

My books in French  are non-published, were registered in 2001 (then 2006) in the Contemporary Art Center of San Sebastian / Donostia (Spain) - Arteleku, until a damaging flood made them disapear in 2011. From 2001 to now (2011), I versed myself into Sino Japanese Body and Spiritual Arts - through martial arts.

Found the Ground

I learned the basics of Kung Fu (and Budo) with the following teachers:
Inchalla Hazi, teacher in
Pau (France), follower of Tranh Tanh master living in France, Martial Art of Binh Dinh Kung Fu (Indochinese - Vietnam
). I learned 2 years (2002 and 2004) for my own.

Fernando Lasa, teacher in
San Sebastian / Donostia (Spain
), Martial Art of Wing Tsun (EWTO - then freeing his Sen Go school in 2005). I learned 3 years long (2002 /  2004) for my own.

Jose-Antonio Perez, teacher in San Sebastian / Donostia (Spain), Martial Art of Kendo, one of the regular member of Spanish Kendo National Team around 2005. I just learned few principles
one to two years long (2007 / 2008) for my own.

Registered and Data

Most of the data registered on this website was communicated in Summer 2010 to a martial artist, searcher, and publisher named Doctor Khann Conor Foxx (american citizen in Bangkok). This author wrote a known book in the United States upon the Liu He Ba Fa and Yi Quan boxing in the 1970s'. In 2010, he was building an encyclopedia on Internal Martial Arts' main lineages worldwide. He reached us regarding our Ming Shan reference and then interested to our by-side developments. We gave access to his request as an opening worldwide.

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