Nei Gong Fa - Basque Attitude

Personal Identity

My name is Jean-Philippe Erbin (Yon in basque language). I was born in 1966. I know health heavy reasons since I'm 20. I made my university studies till the 1990's and then dedicated myself to free literature more than 10 years.

My books in French  are non-published, were registered in 2001 (then 2006) in the Contemporary Art Center of San Sebastian / Donostia (Spain) - Arteleku, until a damaging flood made them disapear in 2011. From 2001 to now (2011), I versed myself into Sino Japanese Body and Spiritual Arts - through martial arts.

Found the Ground

I learned the basics of Kung Fu (and Budo) with the following teachers:
Inchalla Hazi, teacher in
Pau (France), follower of Tranh Tanh master living in France, Martial Art of Binh Dinh Kung Fu (Indochinese - Vietnam
). I learned 2 years (2002 and 2004) for my own.

Fernando Lasa, teacher in
San Sebastian / Donostia (Spain
), Martial Art of Wing Tsun (EWTO - then freeing his Sen Go school in 2005). I learned 3 years long (2002 /  2004) for my own.

Jose-Antonio Perez, teacher in San Sebastian / Donostia (Spain), Martial Art of Kendo, one of the regular member of Spanish Kendo National Team around 2005. I just learned few principles
one to two years long (2007 / 2008) for my own.

Registered and Data

Most of the data registered on this website was communicated in Summer 2010 to a martial artist, searcher, and publisher named Doctor Khann Conor Foxx (american citizen in Bangkok). This author wrote a known book in the United States upon the Liu He Ba Fa and Yi Quan boxing (on U.S. side). Nowadays, he intents to build a kind of encyclopedia on Internal Martial Arts' main lineages worldwide. He made contact with us regarding our Ming Shan reference (by a web enquiry) and then interested to our by-side developments. We gave access to his request as an opening worldwide.

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