Nei Gong Fa - Basque Attitude

Holding Through

We develop since about eighteen years (in 2019) our effectiveness into martial arts and spiritual arts of the Far East. Recognitions are often the right to teach, and so far to found a school. And so, as a searcher, we have kept expression as vanguard, and promote teaching as Martial Qi Gong, like a side of our study, having been involved in different lineages (France-Abroad).


Yi Quan (Boxing Art)

we have been student of master Ming Shan in France (2004-2011), of Daniel Belotti (2015-2017), of Jean-Luc Lesueur (2012-now)

White Crane (Boxing Art)

we have been student and representative in France of the international practice and learning associations of Ron Goninan from Australia (2014-2019) - we have been student of Daniel Belotti (2015-2017)

Liu He Ba Fa (Boxing Art)

We are learning with distance materials from China, America and England since 2019 - it is an expression of our autonomy

Tai Chi Chuan (Boxing Art)

we have been student at distance of Boz Odusanya in the Huang Sheng Shyan (Cheng Man Ching) lineage of Yang Style (2011-2016) ; we are learning with the ongoing public and private distance materials of Mark Rasmus for his Elastic Force Chi Kung and Tai Chi (2019-now), sustained into Hermetic knowledge and martial arts experience.

Touching Through

We learned and practice therapeutic touch publicly as a non-lucrative activity.

We practice Polarity Therapy, very well known in the English speaking world (and sometimes German and Spanish speaking). Polarity Therapy is issued in the XXth century from osteopathy, chiropracty, and naturopathy concerning the West, and (egyptian) Hermetism, ancient greek medicine, indian and chinese traditional medicines concerning the East.

We also practice Cranio Sacral Biodynamics, a discipline issued from cranial osteopathy, also known as fluidic osteopathy. Cranio Sacral Therapy is non-manipulative and works with the subtle inner flows in the body

Lastly we practice French Curative Magnetism (known also as Mesmerism), a dispositive of treatment potentially included in the formers disciplines we mentioned.

Natural Healing

As expression of this choice to distinguish a way away, we are stepping or just minding by side the mountain wilderness, cause it enhances all the possible relieves and laws of gravity.


The minority becoming of life in nature creates the laws and forces taking place all around, and revolve on ourselves as particular contests, as soon as proportional trends are found, into the manifesting events that are continuously met. At that point, there is what is safe.

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